GS Sunray 60 | 60W | Growspec

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● One of the most advanced and innovative full-spectrum LED solutions for small coverage areas
● 1 on 1 replacement for a ~100-120 Watts HPS or ~100-150 Watts HID light in terms of light output and final yield
● 2 switchable Fixed Spectrums: Vegetative and Flowering (+ additional ''white-light'' inspection mode)
● Completely silent because of it's passive thermal management
 Lasts up to 100.000 hours at over 80-85% output after 85.000h and there is no need for a replacement reflector thanks to the unique optics
● Zero maintenance

 For full cycle cultivation (Propagation, vegetative and flowering)
 3-year manufacturers warranty on the fixture
 5-year manufacturers warranty on the power supply


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Perfect red to blue ratio and additional white light that mainly consists of green light. This Spectrum mainly targets the Chlorophyll a&b peaks in the absorption spectra of pigments. Offers a perfect balance (and controllability) of Far Red (absorbing Phytochrome Pfr) and Red (absorbing Phytochrome Pr) levels

As lighting pioneers, we have embraced, developed and continue to refine LED technologies to help home growers, as well as horticulture operations, generate high-yield, high-quality harvests while reducing long-term costs and maintaining energy efficiency. The Sunray lighting systems offer industry-leading uniformity and energy efficiency, making it ideal for licensed cannabis producers who want to increase yields, quality and profitability.

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